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Kaion Energy Solutions Ltd.

Address: 145 Royal Crest Count, Unit 3, Markham, Ontario L3R 9Z4 | Phone: 1-905-604-3448  |  Fax: 1-888-399-5173    E-mail: inquiry@kaionergy.com  


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-Residential, Commercial, Industrial Energy Conservation Services

   -At Kaion, we help our clients to reduce their energy consumption by changing their equipment, lighting fixtures, electrical layouts and etc.        Provided with an M&V plan which can balance the savings uncertainty associated with energy improvement projects against the cost to        execute the plan. You will be surprised on how much money you can save with just a simple change.

-Energy Management Consultation

   -Poor Energy Management can be expensive. Energy prices fluctuate constantly, which can significantly affect your energy bill and       performance against budget. Kaion Energy Solutions is a consultation company, which provides professional energy saving plans for our       clients.

-Electrical Construction, Upgrades and Consultation

   -Electrical Construction and Upgrades can be complicated due to lack of planning and the limitation on the existing        products and spaces. In any events, people are just replacing the existing electrical products with the new ones.        With Kaion, our expert finds a way to upgrade instead of replacing the existing ones.  It is proven that we can        provide our clients with better and more cost effective on the projects.

-Lighting Solutions and Designs

   -With more innovative products produced by Manufactures in North America, the required lighting fixtures may not be      as many as before.  At Kaion, we are not only replacing the existing lighting fixtures to a newer ones.  We actually      provide a lighting re-layout service for every project (It’s Absolutely Free!).  Among our projects, all of them are      successfully reduce the numbers of fixtures or improve the intensity of the site or both.

-Lighting Maintenance Services

  -Kaion has been developed an One-Of-Kind Lighting Maintenance Service which provides our clients are ABSOLUTE     WORRY-FREE Lighting Maintenance Service.  With its Amazing Low Fee and Extended Warranty, it has been one of the     most popular services at Kaion Energy Solutions Ltd.